Merrild coffee capsules
with zero CO₂-impact

Lavazza Group compensates for the CO₂ emissions of this product.

Merrild coffee capsules

Merrild’s new aluminum coffee capsules are compatible with Nespresso** Original machines and are our first CO₂-neutral coffee capsules*.



*Lavazza Group compensates for the CO₂ emissions of this product.
**Lavazza Group is not affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by Nespresso.

How to dispose Merrild coffee capsules

The outer packaging is to be disposed as cardboard.

We recommend that you contact your local authorities for specific guidance on how to dispose the aluminiums coffee capsules.

Merrild and Lavazza Group
The Merrild brand has been part of the family-owned coffee company Lavazza Group since 2015.

CO₂ neutrality in Lavazza Group

Our carbon neutrality approach starts with reducing emissions. As we are well aware that all CO₂-emissions cannot be reduced at once, the Lavazza Group uses compensation for the remaining emissions. 


Lavazza Group selects specific projects that are verified and certified according to internationally recognized methods and standards (VCS, CCB and CDM). 


In addition to avoiding or sequestering carbon, the projects also provide other environmental, social and economic benefits. The purpose of supporting these projects is to improve the livelihood of the local community in a sustainable way by tackling climate change and achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We offset the annual carbon emission in relation to the amount of capsules sold.

Product Life Cycle

CO₂-neutral* aluminum capsules include offsetting emissions produced throughout the product’s life cycle, from cultivation of coffee to the end of its life, through all stages of production, transport and disposal.

1. Coffee supply

We offset all the emissions related to the amount of coffee produced and processed at every stage of the supply chain.

2. Production & delivery

We offset all the emissions related to the amount of coffee produced and processed at every stage of the supply chain.

3. Packaging

We offset the emissions related to the production, transportation and manufacturing needed to create packaging.

Outside of Logistics Retailer Warehouse With Female Manager Using Tablet Computer, Worker Loading Delivery Truck with Cardboard Boxes. Online Orders, Purchases, E-Commerce Goods, Merchandise
4. Distribution

We offset the emissions linked to the distribution of the final product from the production plant till all the distribution centers.

5. Use

We offset the emission related to the consumption of the final product (e.g. energy of the coffee machines).

6. End of life

We offset all the emissions related to the production processes through which raw materials are transformed into final product.

* The Lavazza Group works to ensure that the capsules are CO₂-neutral in the sense that they contribute to zero CO₂-impact via compensation for emissions.

CO₂-neutrality, we’re on the way

Lavazza Group is one of the top players of agri-food industry in the world. That’s why producing our best quality coffee is just a part of our mission, as it would be pointless without considering the way we do that.

Our commitment is doing the best we can to use sustainable resources, ensure fair work lives to coffee cultivators and, of course, reduce CO₂-emissions in our supply chain.

Read more about the Lavazza Group BLEND FOR BETTER initiatives towards greater sustainability below.

Lavazza Group BLEND FOR BETTER initiatives

Our approach to carbon neutrality begins with reducing emissions throughout the Lavazza value chain. In 2020, we began our journey towards carbon neutrality by offsetting all Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions of the Lavazza Group.

This is part of our larger sustainability effort, which we call BLEND FOR BETTER. The effort includes many projects that follow the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals towards 2030 in 4 key areas; Caring for the environment, starting a clean cycle, opening up opportunities and information creates change.